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Do Not Drink This In The Morning!!

So, as previously posted, drinking the water immediately after waking up, has been proven to be more beneficial, especially in fighting diseases. However, water is not just water…well, not in the morning.

Many will put a glass of water next to the bed, so that they take it if they get thirsty during the night or in the morning. If you do this, or are planning to start doing this, STOP YOURSELF FROM DOING IT!! Health experts have advised against this as it is not healthy, and will not help you.nightstand-with-glass-of-water-next-to-bed-with-floral-sheets

Tap water does not contain carbohydrates or any protein, which makes it easily susceptible to pollution by microorganisms. This water binds with air taking in some carbon dioxide, some of which converts into carboxylic acids. This results in changes in the water structure. These carboxylic acids release a few protons, that convert into a carbonate or bicarbonate, thus changing the pH value of the water, which in turn affects the water taste.

Water is an excellent solvent, which means it is really good at dissolving lots of other substances including gases, until it reaches equilibrium with the atmosphere. This is why the water you leave on the side of your bed, will combine with carbon dioxide, make carbonic acids and lower the pH, acidic and stale.

This in why the water that has been left on a bedside table overnight has a strange taste.

morning water

So, the next time you leave a glass of water on your bedside table, have in mind that it’s subject to microorganisms as well as high amounts of dust. Instead of drinking this, get a glass of clean fresh water. Not only will be fresh and free from the aforementioned compounds, it will help in fighting various diseases. You’ll be glad you did this!

Stay healthy!

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